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Semi Precious Stones

Aura and Chakras

The aura consists of seven major chakra. Each of the chakra represents one of the seven layers of the aura known as ‘seven bodies’. Thus chakras are the subtle vortex points or power centres. They are aligned vertically through the centre of the body near the spine. The chakra is a Sanskrit word means ‘wheel of light ‘. Each chakra absorbs vital life force from its own colour or ‘ray’. The seven chakras has colours like – Root chakra (red), Sacral chakra (orange), Solar plexus chakra (yellow), Heart chakra (green), Throat chakra (blue), Brow chakra (indigo) and Crown chakra (violet).

It is said that when there is lack of certain colour energy in the aura, people start getting attracted to that colour, especially if they are more sensitive and intuitive. They listen to the signals of the aura and consciously begin to use colour when they are undergoing deep physical, or psychological changes. We often see people who are going through changes and adjustments in life are actually able to absorb unconsciously the influence of the very colours that they need for the situation and the emotions in question.

Our Products

All our stones and pebbles are mined from Sri Lanka’s gem heartland, the Sabaragamuwa Province. This area is renowned for the quality of the minerals and the special look and feel they provide. The Sabaragamuwa Province is believed by some scholars to be the fabled “land of gems” visited by Sindbad the Sailor in the famous tale, the Arabian Nights.