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Decorative Pebbles and Natural Stones

Garden Decor

Turn your garden into a piece of art with our collection of Decorative Pebbles, Calcite, Feldspar, Quartz, Dolomite and Granite and Rocks. Relax in tranquility and elegance and experience a state of bliss outdoors with the quality decor which can only be provided by Monarch Lanka International (Pvt) Ltd.,


Our collection of chips and pebbles available for cut-and-polish finish will make your home feel like a mansion. Experience luxury at your feet and bask in the feel of elegance in your own home.

Driveways and walkways

Our pebbles will give your driveway or walkway the look and feel of a luxury resort. Amaze your guests and neighbors with your outdoor opulence and elegance. Look no further than Monarch Lanka International to supply you with the finest pebbles and stones to fit your desires.

Innovative Decorations

Our experts will provide you with creative decorative solutions to enhance your experience at home or office. We have extensive experience in the proper usage of pebbles, stones and chips and our expertise is always at your disposal. Monarch Lanka International will provide you with what you need to enhance your living experience and brighten your home’s atmosphere.

Our Products

All our stones and pebbles are mined from Sri Lanka’s gem heartland, the Sabaragamuwa Province. This area is renowned for the quality of the minerals and the special look and feel they provide. The Sabaragamuwa Province is believed by some scholars to be the fabled “land of gems” visited by Sindbad the Sailor in the famous tale, the Arabian Nights.